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The Challenge

  • Water is a scarce resource that is not always available to many geographies and populations.
  • Population growth is driving increased demand for potable water and the demand for industrial water is also rapidly increasing.
  • According to the Environmental Capital Group,the bottled water cooler (BWC) business consumes 140 million kilowatt hours of electricity, wastes 2.7 billion gallons of water, burns close to 6 million gallons of fuel, and dumps more than 35,000 tons of waste into landfills each year.

Our Commitment

“Through both Quench and Seven Seas Water, AquaVenture is focused on utilizing our expertise in the water industry to deliver sustainable and environmentally friendly water solutions for a healthier and greener Earth.” -Doug Brown, CEO of AquaVenture

Quench’s Approach

Quench’s mission is to deliver the best water filtration systems for businesses in a sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient way. Quench underscores our commitment to clean, eco-friendly and bottle-free water solutions. We estimate that, in 2016 alone, Quench bottleless or point-of-use (POU) water coolers kept more than 22 million 5-gallon plastic jugs from entering the waste stream. Quench’s POU water cooler systems save energy and water, reduce dependence on petroleum, and help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. No plastic bottles. No water deliveries. No wasted energy. No landfill waste.

Seven Seas Water’s Approach

Seven Seas Water is proud of its ongoing efforts to provide pure, potable water supply solutions in countries where fresh, safe, clean water supplies are limited thereby ensuring the health and safety of many populations. Seven Seas Water leverages its expertise in overall water management and operations to deliver reliable and affordable pure water supplies in an energy efficient way.

Seven Seas Water utilizes state of the art technology and proven highly efficient process designs to optimize its water treatment systems, which we believe results in the lowest possible energy consumption and carbon foot print. Further, Seven Seas Water has a successful track-record of replacing thermal desalination plants, which use energy inefficient distillation technology, into reverse osmosis facilities which are far more energy efficient. Seven Seas Water also utilizes the best available wastewater treatment technologies that allow for water re-use for industrial and agricultural purposes. Finally, Seven Seas Water provides alternative water supply solutions to the Industrial sector helping to minimize the depletion of fresh water resources available for human consumption.